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The Climate Change Conspiracy :                                              

The Climate Change Conspiracy
Author: Willie McDonald


Members of the Caucasian race will be responsible for death of all life on Earth. Crude oil, and natural gas (O&G) company’s executives, geologists, and geophysics have knowingly lied to the people of this planet, when they purport, “Crude oil, and natural gas (O&G) was created for no purpose, and taking it, and its pressure from the ground will do no harm.” O&G was created to fuel this planet’s lower mantle, and outer core. Crude oil, and natural gas was not created to fuel our cars, contrary to popular belief. Crude oil, and natural gas are used by the earth as a fuel. Earth’s core is an engine, which generates Earth’s magnetic, and gravity fields. The Earth’s gravity field keeps the Earth in a stable orbit around the sun, and it’s magnetic field protects life on the surface of this planet from the sun’s solar winds, and radiation. The solar wind can reach velocities of one million miles per hour. 

Without gravity most planets in this galaxy would be pulled into the sun, and without gravity the sun’s solar winds would push Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars out of their orbits. Volcanic emission proves crude oil, and natural gas are being burned in the lower mantle. Crude oil, and natural gas by-product are discharged from volcanoes all around this planet. There is oxygen in the lower mantle, so combustion of O&G is possible . The O&G enters the lower mantle as flames, heat, and pressure. Free Oxygen has to be present in order to create the oxidizers emitted from volcanoes. Climate change is caused by the Earth’s orbit around the sun decaying, causing the alteration of Earth’s climate as the core cools from the lack of fuel. Oil, and gas should be left underground, under pressure, and undisturbed. The oil, and gas that has been pumped out of the ground should be pumped back into the ground to stabilize Earth’s core temperature, and its orbit around the sun,  which in turn will reverse climate change.

Keyword: Geophysics, Geology, Earth Science, Gravity, Magnetic Fields, Earth core, Earth mantle, Volcanology, Volcanic Gases, Crude Oil, and gas.


Crude oil, and natural gas is used by the earth to sustain earth’s molten core. Crude oil, and natural gas are forced into lower mantle to be burned by the mantle’s residual high temperatures to heat the lower mantle. Crude oil, and natural gas enters the lower mantle as flame heat, and pressure. Crude oil, and natural are then discharged from volcanoes as crude oil, and natural gas by-products, carbons, and oxidizers from free oxygen. This process is repeated over, and over again. The lower mantle heats the outer core, the outer core heats the inner core, and the inner core generates Earth’s magnetic/gravity fields. Combustion of the crude oil, and natural gas takes place in the lower mantle, and the spent hydrocarbons by-products are discharged from volcanoes as emissions. Like volcanoes O&G wells are located all around this planet for even heating of the core.

If the core was heated by a nuclear dynamo-process dangerous radiation would be discharged from volcanoes, the Earth’s exhaust system. Only low levels background gamma radiation is discharged from Earth’s volcanoes, but not at level to justify the molten temperatures in the earth’s lower mantle, and outer core. The lack of fuel (O&G) into the lower mantle is the reason Earth’s lower mantle, and outer core is cooling, and causing earth’s magnetic, and gravity field is weakening. A weakening gravity field is causing the Earth’s orbit around the sun to decay. This is the reason for climate change, and/or global warming. Oil company’s crude oil, and natural gas extraction process is causing earth’s core to cool, thereby causing earth magnetic/gravity field to weaken. The weakening of these energy fields are causing earth’s magnetic field to collapse, and causing earth orbit around the sun to destabilize. Change Earth orbit around the sun, or change its position as it relates to the sun, and you will change Earth’s climate. Earth orbit around the sun is changing, and so is its climate. 
Ten deadly Anomalies are in the beginning stages, and progressing.

1. Earth's lower mantle, and outer core is cooling.
2. Present day volcanic eruption are weaker, and in the past
3. Earth's orbit around the sun is destabilizing.
4. Nasa has discovered a giant breach in Earth's magnetic field.
5. Earth's magnetic pole is reversing.
6. Earth's geographical pole is drafting towards the East by Southeast.
7. The Moon's orbit around the Earth is destabilizing. 
8. Earth's rotation is slowing down.
9. The ice in the Arctic, and Antarctic  circle is melting.
10. The oceans are rising.


1. Crude oil, and Natural gas, and pressure wells are a part of Earth fuel system. O&G enters the lower mantle as flames, heat, and pressure. The O&G is ignited by the mantle’s residual high temperatures. Lower mantle heats outer core, and out core heats inner core. These wells are located all around this planet for even heating of the lower mantle, and core.

2. Earth’s core is the engine of the Earth. It generates Earth’s magnetic/gravitational fields, which protects all life on the surface of this planet, and hold Earth in a stable orbit around the sun.

3. Volcanoes are the Earth’s exhaust systems. Volcanic systems are designed to terraform earth’s atmosphere, and rid the mantle of spend fuel, which are O&G by-products, oxidizers, carbons, regulate pressure, and temperatures regulation in the mantle. Pressure discharged by volcanoes are provided by the combustion of O&G in the mantle.

4. The oceans are the Earth’s cooling system. Without the oceans the lower mantle, and outer core would burn its way up to the surface of this planet.


Volcanic carbons, compounds, and oxidizers are crude oil, and natural gas by-product. Oxidizers are compounds in which free oxygen is bonded to one or more electro-positive atoms, and/or carbons. 

High pressures, high temperatures, water vapor (H2O), oxygen (O2),carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen, argon, helium, neon, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Other compounds detected in volcanic gases are (meteoric), hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen bromide, nitrogen oxide(NOx), sulfur hexafluoride, carbonyl sulfide, and organic compounds. Exotic trace compounds include methylmercury, halocarbons (includingCFCs), andhalogen oxide radicals. Low levels of benign radiation.


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